Balcony safety nets trivandrumn

  • Balcony safety net as name implies it is used to safeguard people or things in open balcony. Balcony is the place where people upwind for a time relaxation at their home and keep any undesirable  circumstances from occurring. Chaitanya safetynets are specifically hand crafted mesh is introduced over the open ranges of balcony, windows and staircases. For another way of balcony safety, we have introduced restrictor on your overhang entryways to keep kids from going out  onto the balcony alone. These balcony  security screens are solid straight forward and nylon string shaded offering security without bargaining the style of flats. They are set to windows, parcel and balconies offering security without compromising the ventilation of a balcony. With 5years of we take at most care for safety nets installation. We always focus on unique requirements of the customers. We try to maintain the quality work at our utmost level.

    Looking for safety of your Balcony