Bird spikes are a highly effective repellent of pest birds that is virtually invisible from a distance. Our stainless steel bird spikes are a humane solution to problems caused by pigeons, and similarly sized birds roosting on signs, gutters, rooftops, ledges, beams, pipes, chimneys, window sills, and other structures.

The spikes are not sharpened so the tips will not harm birds or installers! Bird control spikes work by stopping pest birds from landing. The blunt spikes keep the pigeon or gull from gaining a foothold. Birds eventually give up and fly away. we don’t just sell bird spikes—we develop the leading bird spike products in the industry. We put our expertise to work for you, offering durable, economical, and easy-to-install bird spikes

. All three types of bird spikes we offer can be used to get rid of pigeons. These bird control deterrent spikes are of length of 30 cm or 0.98 ft long. They work by reducing the landing area for birds and hence highly reduce the chances of birds to rest on. This applies to varieties of birds like sparrows, pigeons, sea gulls and crows..

These birds are prevented to land upon anywhere. Even if the birds try to sit on the surfaces that are spike protected surfaces, they will not be comfortable. This small step can help you to get prevented from various diseases and stay healthy. Moreover the area will remain clean and usable.